From the Horse’s Mouth


I grew up in the mountains of western Montana working alongside family and friends for our 4th generation, family-owned dude ranch and outfitting business. I currently reside in Havre, Montana with my husband, two children, 2 border collies, and 3 and counting horses, while working for a telecommunications and utility company.


One thought on “From the Horse’s Mouth

  1. Hello from Austin, Texas!

    I work for Main Street Hub and we are building out a network of freelance photographers throughout the country to do photo shoots for local businesses in their area.

    We are currently in need of a photographer in Big Sandy, MT, which led me to find your website, which I loved. If you’re open to freelance work, I’d love to chat with you! We would be able to offer occasional freelance shoots of local businesses (restaurants, coffee shops, tattoo parlours, etc.) in your area. We take care of a lot of the pre and post production (scheduling, editing, etc.) to make it easy for you, and shoots only take about 90 minutes to 2 hours.

    If interested, let me know if you have a few minutes for a quick call.

    Chinna Gibson
    Photography Recruiter
    Main Street Hub


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